Cops OWS
Dozens of NYPD officers in riot gear cleared the privately-owned area of Duarte Square of Occupy Wall Street protesters Tuesday morning. Many have come to believe the crackdowns are coordinated nationwide. International Business Times

It looks like the #OWS movement is headed back to Zuccotti Park.

As quickly as Occupy Wall Street protesters swept into Manhattan's Duarte Park Tuesday morning, scaling a wall and cutting their way through a chain-link fence to gain access to a private section owned by a nearby church, the NYPD cleared them out.

The park became the de facto second home of the protest movement after its Zuccotti Park encampment was cleared out by the NYPD early Tuesday morning. Between seven and 24 people were arrested during the swift raid, according to various estimates.

Dozens of cops in riot gear stormed the private section of the park, which had clearly-posted no trespassing signs, and arrested many of the protestors, loading them into a police bus.

"Don't abandon the ship!" protesters chanted as helicopters circled overhead in the moments after the park was cleared.

But shortly thereafter there were just a few dozen people left at Duarte, all in the public areas. All the protesters' property and people were cleared out of the private area in less than an hour by police. A stream of protesters chanted "All Day, All Week, Occupy Wall Street," as they headed back to Zuccotti.

The police presence was still high as of 12:20 p.m., but most of the protesters had headed to other sites in downtown Manhattan, namely Zuccotti Park and the State Supreme Court, where hundreds of protesters arrested on disorderly conduct and other minor charges since the movement began will appear before a judge later Tuesday.

The occupiers were also awaiting a judge's ruling on a restraining order against New York City stating that it can't keep people out of the park.