Paris Attacks
A policeman patrols near the Boulevard des Filles-du-Calvaire after an attack Friday in Paris. In response to the attacks, Facebook quickly launched a safety-check tool so users in the vicinity could alert their loved ones of their safety. Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook launched a safety check tool Friday night amid an ongoing terrorist attack in Paris that have reportedly claimed the lives of as many as 100. The tool lets users in the area notify their friends of their safety.

The tool, which can be found here, asks users if they are "in the affected area" and would like to notify their friends of their safety. For users outside of France, the tool instantly lets then know if any of their friends are in the vicinity and if they are OK.

"Quickly find and connect with friends in the area. Mark them safe if you know they're OK," Facebook said.

The tool can also be used to search for specific friends. Additionally, if you are aware of someone's safety and want to notify their friends, you can search for that person and hit "Mark Safe."