Facebook Messenger is testing an Instant Games platform that will allow users to play lightweight games against their friends inside the app. King.com, the company behind Candy Crush, is already starting to test games like Shuffle Cats Mini in New Zealand, according to TechCrunch. Other studios like Big Viking are also preparing for Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games launch.

Facebook has been building Messenger to become more than a place where you just chat with your friends. Back in April, Facebook announced a bot platform for Messenger, which developers have access to tons in which they can use to build bots inside Facebook Messenger. This will bring new functionality to Messenger. For example, bots would be used to provider customer service inside Messenger, and also e-commerce solutions, more content and interactive experiences.

Though Facebook has been cut out of the mobile gaming world by Apple and Google, by adding games into Messenger, Facebook could create a new platform that increases engagement. Users could use Messenger to play Instant Games, challenge their friends via Messages and Facebook could earn a cut from in-game purchases.

Facebook is reportedly building the Instant Games platform for games in which you can take turns playing with friends and family members, according to The Information. Facebook launched a few games earlier this year - basketball, soccer and chess games - as an experiment.

Instant Games is another effort of Facebook getting into mobile gaming. Facebook launched Messenger back in 2015, and featured one game called Doodle Draw which never became popular. Lightweight games will make it so you’ll want to keep coming back to Facebook Messenger, so you can beat your friend’s new high score.

Facebook hasn’t officially announced the launch of the Instant Games Platform. Though it its testing out right now so we’ll keep you updated on when Facebook officially launches Instant Games on Messenger.