A number of Hollywood productions were halted due to an alleged failure in Google Chrome software update. The said issue caused data corruption on major TV and movie studios’ Mac Pros.

On Monday, an error that caused data corruption to Mac Pros led to the delay in operation on major TV and movie studios in Hollywood. The problem believed to be due to the most recent Google Chrome update that affected their editing team the most.

How the Google Chrome Update Affected Hollywood Studios

The complaints that surfaced at once on Monday from several affected Hollywood studios’ video editors said that all of their Mac Pro workstations refused to reboot. During the outage, one that seemed to receive the hardest impact was the “Modern Family,” who declared that their whole editing team was affected.

How Did It Happen

One common point of entry that the affected Hollywood studios are looking at is that before the outage, they all updated their Avid’s Media Composer software, an industry-standard video editing suite. During the update, the users were urged to back up their work ad were instructed not to reboot their devices.

However, the real cause of the problem turned out to be the version of Google Keystone, a feature ensuring the up to date status of Google software. Mac Pros with disabled System Integrity Protection (SIP) are vulnerable to the file system damaging bug that the Keystone carries.

In the case of the Hollywood studios, their System Integrity Protection, a feature preventing malicious software from modifying system files were disabled. This is a common practice among professional editing setups so that they may be able to work well with external video and audio devices.

What Google Has To Say

On Tuesday, Google acknowledged the issue stating that they recently discovered that a Chrome update may have shipped with a macOS machines’ file system damaging bug. They assured the public that they held the release while finalizing their follow-up update to correct the problem with the mac Pro.

How Can macOS Users Be Protected From The Problem As Hollywood Encountered

Google assured that devices running on OS X 10.9 or later will not be affected by the problem. It is also important to keep the System Integrity Protection (SIP) enabled.