• Automatic weapons will burn through ammo very quickly
  • Make sure to have enough resources for ammo crafting before making commando builds
  • Consider using VATS to complement automatic weapons

Fully-automatic weapons in “Fallout 76” can be very powerful in the mid-late game stages, assuming that players can reliably supply themselves with copious amounts of ammunition.

With the proper setup, automatic guns can demolish everything that the Appalachian wasteland can throw at players. There are heaps of other viable builds in the game, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as raining down a storm of lead down range.

Recommended perks and Mutations

Ideally, players should put their points into PER, AGI and LUCK while leveling up, as these will provide the most benefits for their weapons. Along the way, pick the following perk cards:

  • Commando (including Expert and Master variants)
  • Ground Pounder
  • Tank Killer
  • Adrenaline
  • Tenderizer
  • Bloody Mess

These general perks will drastically increase the damage output of any automatic rifle that players use. For quality-of-life perks, grab the following:

  • Bandolier (lighter ammo)
  • Ammo Factory + Super Duper (ammo crafting)
  • Gunsmith (crafting and modding)
  • Starched Genes (Mutation retention)
  • Quick Hands (quicker reloads)

As for Mutations, players will want those that complement their preferred playstyle. Adrenal Reaction is great when using weapons with the Bloodied effect, while Eagle Eyes should be taken for PER-heavy setups focusing on VATS and critical hits.

Make sure to use the Class Freak perk when using multiple Mutations.

Recommended weapons

In theory, any automatic rifle should do well with this perk setup. A crafted Level 50 Handmade or Assault Rifle can be very reliable in the late game. SMGs can also be viable, but make sure to swap any perk card that’s for “rifles” only to something else.

For legendary effects, there are few prime candidates for full-auto commando builds.

Furious synergizes very well with rapid-fire weapons as it can reach its maximum damage bonus much quicker than with other weapons.

Two Shot will add an extra projectile fired per shot without increasing ammo consumption. Due to the way the game’s math works, this won’t necessarily double the damage dealt, but it’s still a nice boost to overall DPS.

Explosive increases the damage dealt by each shot while also adding a small area of effect to every bullet fired. This is great for clearing small targets like insects or swarms of enemies.

Fallout 76 has tons of sidequests for players to do
Fallout 76 has tons of sidequests for players to do Fallout 76