• Mutations can be obtained by immersing in radiation or using Serums
  • All Mutations have negative drawbacks of varying intensities
  • Perks can dampen the negative effects of Mutations

In “Fallout 76,” Mutations offer a mixed bag of effects that can be either very beneficial or detrimental to their playstyles. Despite their give-and-take nature, many players rely on the effects of Mutations to make their builds shine.

Mutation as a mechanic has never been quite as extensive in any game prior to “Fallout 76.” For new players who are only just learning about this, here’s a quick overview on how to get Mutations as well as some of the best ones to gun for in the game.

How to get Mutations in “Fallout 76”

The first method players can use to mutate themselves is simply bathing in radiation. This can be from any source, from polluted water to dirty food or irradiated trash and landfill. Unfortunately, the type of Mutation players can receive is completely random, and the chance to mutate is very low.

There’s a total of 19 Mutations in the game, and players can have 18 of them on their character at any given time. One random Mutation is removed every time a player uses RadAway or a decontamination shower.

The second mutation method is by using a Mutation Serum, which will give players a Mutation of their choice without its associated negative effects for one real-life hour. Using a Serum for an existing Mutation will still apply the negative effect suppression.

Best Mutations

Mutations are best used for hyper-specialized, min-maxed builds. Some effects have negligible drawbacks but powerful positive buffs. Here are a few Mutations to consider when building a character:

  • Adrenal Reaction – increases weapon damage at low HP but reduces maximum health
  • Scaly Skin – DR and ER increased; AP -50
  • Twisted Muscles – 25% extra melee damage; -50% gun accuracy
  • Healing Factor - +300% out-of-combat healing regeneration; -55% Chem effect potency
  • Marsupial – increased jump height and carry weight; INT -4

For example, Adrenal Reaction synergizes greatly with the low health requirements and related benefits of Bloodied builds.

Also, keep in mind that S.P.E.C.I.A.L. point reductions from Mutations do not affect the number of cards players can equip. Additionally, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points cannot go below one point, so as long as players don’t intend to invest points in a certain attribute, then Mutations like Marsupial will be well-worth getting.

Lastly, consider using the Class Freak perk to reduce the negative effects of Mutations.

Pistols come in all shapes and sizes in Fallout 76
Pistols come in all shapes and sizes in Fallout 76 Fallout 76