Michael Jackson's body will undergo a second autopsy in Los Angeles on Saturday after his family requested it to determine a cause for his death, the Rev. Jesse Jackson told the Associated Press today.

The family made its request because there were unanswered questions surrounding the death of the King of the Pop. A key issue is to clarify what was the role of Michael Jackson's cardiologist at the time of his death.

The first autopsy to Michael Jackson was performed on Friday and examiners found no evidence of external trauma or foul play, according to a Los Angeles County coroner's spokesman Craig Harvey.

Jackson died on Thursday afternoon after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles and had been rushed to the hospital.

His former wife, Lisa Marie Presley said Friday that he had told her to be afraid of dying like her father, Elvis Presley.

I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did, Lisa wrote in a statement recalling Michael Jackson.

Her father died of a heart attack in 1977.