Square Enix has been making the most of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of its games, especially the “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” has been a big help to gamers during the lockdown. Now, the company is maximizing its reach and started manufacturing face masks targeting COVID-19-affected fans.

According to Game Rant, this recent move by the company has been met with general skepticism from both fans and onlookers. There are people “head-scratching” because of the hefty price tag that comes with it. While it's not exclusive to fans, interested parties who wish to get hold of the face masks must first spend more than $100 on the Square Enix store. Fans who availed the promo will receive their package, containing the face mask, until May 25.

While the marketing ploy for the mask is pretty catchy, the method to get one isn’t. While most would love to rock that fashion during the coronavirus lockdown, to spend $100 just to get a mask is reportedly absurd.

While Square Enix can’t be fully blamed for trying to make profits off these masks, the gaming company stands to lose big since the lockdown restrictions were imposed and the economic fallout seems inevitable. According to IGN, the company is “scaling back plans” for the launch of “Final Fantasy 14” at PAX East with information on what was supposed to be revealed at the show. They reiterated that they weren’t pulling out of the show completely, though the company’s Japanese staff were reportedly absent.

Citing COVID-19 concerns, the Japanese team had decided not to attend the PAX East show. They did say that their absence was in the best interests of their staff and fans, as well. This statement was released on the blog for “Final Fantasy 14.” The company said on the blog that it was difficult for them not to be present during the show.

Square Enix
Square Enix has delayed the release of “Kingdom Hearts 3” to early 2019. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson