Nathalie Dahners (also known as Nathalie Dahn) is a woman on the move. The stunning and accomplished young woman has successfully built an impressive career as a professional fashion model working with reputable brands all over the world. She has graced the covers of major magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, L'Officiel, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and more. But Nathalie is not just your average model; she’s also a savvy businesswoman in the real estate realm and go-getter working on her own brand. From Berlin to New York to Miami, Nathalie has been making waves in different niches from a young age.

Nathalie Dahners
Nathalie Dahners Nathalie Dahners

While we can attribute her looks to good genetics, Nathalie’s success results from more than just luck. Nathalie describes herself as a “citizen of the world,” which she credits for her spirit of adventure and outlook. As a child, she traveled to different parts of the world with her family, which helped her learn multiple languages. Nathalie is fluent in English and German, which she mastered as a child, and French and Spanish, which she studied later. She is also highly educated in a multitude of different subjects, something she leverages in her multiple ventures.

Nathalie studied business and management in Berlin before moving to NYC to study acting and pursue modeling. Her passion and determination quickly paved the way, helping her land her first show at New York Fashion Week. When she got to New York, Nathalie started pursuing acting, her other passion. She enrolled in an acting conservatory in Manhattan, where she spent her time when she was not modeling. With the support of her family and others who believed in her talent, Nathalie made strides and established what is now a successful career.

Personal development and continuous growth are two pillars of Nathalie’s success. She believes you can’t put all your eggs in one basket - instead, you must be flexible and daring, adapting to life as it comes. Nathalie is always looking for new opportunities and challenges, and that’s how she landed her venture in real estate. With her social media marketing skills, business education, network, and connections, she was the perfect ambassador for the Miami-based Real Estate agency Super Luxury Group.

Women’s empowerment is something dear to Nathalie, which she uses her considerable platform to advocate for. She is outspoken about different issues, saying, “My main drive is to help and inspire others to reach their goals and live their dream lives, leading by example.” She is also heavily involved in charity work, currently acting as the ambassador for the Beauty for Freedom charity, an organization that aims to help and empower survivors of human trafficking and at-risk youth. One of the organization’s focuses is strengthening survivors' self-esteem to find their voice and express themselves freely.

Healthy living, nutrition, and fitness are some of the other passions Nathalie dabbles in. She believes you must take care of your body if you want it to serve you and help you pursue your purpose in the world. She adds, “It’s important to satisfy all your basic needs, such as sleep, nutrition, and even happiness and positivity. These are the building blocks for excelling in all other aspects of your life, such as your career and personal relationships.”

Nathalie doesn’t plan to stop soon. If anything, she hopes to do even more in her current ventures and to explore others like psychology and authorship. From all indications, Nathalie is out to conquer the world, and she is not taking “no” for an answer.