fast food protest
Demonstrators take part in a protest in front of a McDonald's restaurant In Chicago, Sept. 4, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Young

Thousands of fast-food workers in 163 cities across the United States are going on strike today as part of an ongoing effort to raise the hourly wage. Organized by Fight For 15, today's protests involve walkouts, non-violent demonstrations and sit-ins. The demand for $15 hourly wage coincides with "Democrats seek[ing] to raise the federal minimum wage ahead of this year's mid-term congressional elections," Reuters reports.

The peaceful protests have already resulted in multiple arrests. In New York's Times Square, at least 21 workers were arrested while conducting a sit-in outside the 42nd Street McDonald's. Seven arrests were made in Las Vegas outside the world's highest-grossing McDonald's. Several other arrests were made in Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit.

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