• The daughter posted revealing photos on her Twitter account
  • The said photos angered her father, who eventually attacked her
  • The Father’s attorney explained the incident as an “unfortunate situation” and described his act as one instigated by the heat of the moment

Reprimanding kids, even out of love and concern, can sometimes go out of hand. But there is no excuse when corporal punishment turns into a case of absolute violence like in the case of a Bahamas dad who was recently fined $1000 for assaulting his daughter over posting revealing photos online, reported Tribune.

The horrific incident happened around 4pm on Oct. 26, when the daughter was at home. According to the complainant, her father, Eugene Robinson, asked her about the revealing photos she had posted on Twitter earlier that day and started to hit her in the head several times with a tea kettle.

Although the girl tried to call her grandmother for help, the old woman was unsuccessful in stopping the attack. Robinson later grabbed a stove burner and hit her in the head with it. Her grandmother eventually forced the 67-year-old dad out of the house.

The police were then contacted and an investigation was launched. The police soon arrested Robinson at his residence.

girl crying
The attorney explained in the court that Robinson’s actions were instigated by the heat of the moment. pixabay

During the hearing, Robinson’s attorney told the magistrate that the incident was an “unfortunate situation that occurred between a loving father and his daughter".

The attorney explained in the court that Robinson’s actions had been instigated by the heat of the moment. The girl, who was studying to be a doctor, was financially supported by Robinson.

The attorney claimed that the accused, who was actively involved in the church, had been embarrassed by his daughter’s inappropriate pictures on Twitter. He also asserted that Robinson deeply regretted his actions.

Magistrate Ambrose Armbrister ordered Robinson to attend anger management classes and dispute resolution counselling. In case he fails to attend the classes, he would have to spend three months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional service. He could also face imprisonment of up to nine months if he fails to pay the fine.