FIFA 16 Alex Morgan
USA women's soccer team player Alex Morgan has made the cover of the "FIFA 16" video game. This is the first year EA has featured women in its popular "FIFA" series. EA

The release date for EA’s top soccer simulation title, “FIFA 16,” is just a week away. To hype up the game, the studio has released the top 10 shooters and scorers to get players ready.

Since scoring a goal is the way to win the game, “FIFA 16” players need to know which of the top soccer athletes are most capable in getting the ball to the net. Spain appears to dominate the shooting list, with Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona players taking four of the 10 ranks, as detailed over the official EA Sports website.

“FIFA 16” cover star Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona managed to land the third slot in the top 10 shooting category. Luis Suarez, his teammate, was just two spots away at fifth, with an 88 rating.

James Rodriguez of Real Madrid CF ranked ninth at 86. His teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, however, took the top spot at 93 shooting power. Other top shooting players for “FIFA 16” include Robin Van Persie, Arjen Robben, Hulk, Sergio Agüero, Carlos Tevez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Interestingly, the top 10 players for shot power also see some familiar names from the previous list. Paris Saint-Germain’s Ibrahimovic, Hulk from Football Club Zenit and Ronaldo of Real Madrid CF placed fourth, third and second, respectively. The top spot was claimed by Hertha BSC’s Ronny.

BleacherReport added that there are now more than 350 scanned star heads that are entering “FIFA 16.” The end product appears to make the players more life-like and closely resemble their real-life counterpart players. One example is Gareth Bale of Real Madrid.

A more realistic approach to rendering players have been a major point even in last year’s “FIFA 15.” While there are no drastic changes in rendering, it does continue the trend of in-game players looking more like they do in the real game.

“FIFA 16” will launch on Sept. 22. It will arrive on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

"FIFA 16" trailer (Credit: YouTube/EA SPORTS FIFA)