Filing taxes is a hassle we all go through every year. If you live in Alabama though, the process might be much easier for you than the rest of the nation. The Alabama Department of Revenue is partnering with identity solution company MorphoTrust to let citizens file taxes digitally.

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How does it work? MorphoTrust’s electronic ID (eID) system-based app will use your smartphone’s camera to verify your identity. There are added benefits too — if you file your taxes using the eID app, you will get priority processing and faster returns. You will fist need to scan your driver’s license using the app and then use your phone to scan your face. The app will then compare this information to your details in the state database and use it to certify and authenticate your identity. Once the app matches your details, you can simply pay your taxes using your registered bank account.

“By implementing state-of-the-art technologies, like the MorphoTrust eID, the state of Alabama continues to demonstrate that it is doing everything possible to protect our taxpayers from anyone looking to steal their information and use it to file fraudulent state tax returns. There are no usernames or passwords; only a person's photo can unlock the eID, making it secure and easy-to-use.’’ Alabama Revenue Commissioner Julie P. Magee, said in a press release issued Tuesday.

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The app is currently available only to iOS users, so in case you don’t have an iPhone, you might need to borrow one from a friend to file your taxes. According to Alabama State government’s website, the technology could be used in other identity-sensitive processes, such as allowing people to file for social security benefits online.