Square Enix has released a new trailer for “Final Fantasy VII Remake” and revealed more interesting details about the highly anticipated reimagining of the classic PlayStation JRPG.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” made big waves at the Tokyo Game Show when Square Enix showed a trailer that showed more gameplay and revealed how characters both old and new look like.

Here’s a quick rundown of some details that will interest every player excited to get the game once it releases next year:

There’s a new SOLDIER

The trailer revealed that there’s another SOLDIER wielding the same sword Zack Fair had in “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7.” Nothing is known about this new character except that he has a mullet, that Cloud knows he’s a SOLDIER, and that he’s riding a motorbike as well.

Don Corneo’s mansion

Players who played the original game will remember that Tifa has to enter Don Corneo’s mansion to acquire some information, and will need Aerith and Cloud to get her out safely. The trailer confirms that this part of the game will be included in the first part of the Remake by showing what fans all over the internet loved looking at: Aerith stunning Cloud with her looks.

Toad mode

The trailer also showed how Cloud looked as a toad after a spell was cast on him. His Buster Sword also shrank with him, and kept attached to his back the whole time. This could indicate that certain details unique to every character will remain in one way or another so that players will be able to distinguish the character that’s been turned into a toad.

What’s more, the trailer also showed that certain attacks or moves will be replaced. For example, Cloud’s “Punisher Mode” was replaced by “Bubble Breath” when he became a toad.


The trailer revealed how summons Ifrit and Shiva look like in the game. Kotaku noted that in the original game, these summons can only be obtained after the events in Midgar. Square Enix made sure to introduce the summons in the Remake because this installment is only set to cover events in Midgar.

The Turks

The trailer also revealed how the Turks look like. Reno, Rude and Tseng all appear in the game, although they aren't voiced by the actors who voiced them in "Advent Children."

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is scheduled to arrive March 3 next year.

Final Fantasy 7 cast The beloved cast of "Final Fantasy 7" get their much deserved refresh in "Final Fantasy VII Remake." Photo: finalfantasy.wikia.com