Microsoft said a video that showed “Final Fantasy VII Remake” is coming to the Xbox One early next year is a “mistake.”

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is one of the most anticipated games today. While those who own a PlayStation 4 can rejoice at the fact that it will be released March 3 next year, players on other gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One can only hope for a port to be released as well. If a since-deleted tweet is to be believed, however, it seems that Xbox One players will get it soon.

According to since-deleted tweets from industry insider Nibel, Xbox Germany posted a video on its Facebook page, announcing the highly anticipated Remake’s coming to the Xbox One -- on the same day it is scheduled for release on the PS4. Xbox germany already took the Facebook post down.

In a series of tweets, Nibel emphasized how earlier trailers and reveals said the game was originally set to debut on the PS4. These announcements had the line “Play it first on PlayStation 4.” Even the original press release said it is coming on the PS4 on March 3 next year.

The most recent trailer, however, didn’t have the same line mentioned above. Instead, the new trailer said “Available Worldwide 0303.2020.” But it still had the PS4 logo at the bottom.

With all these things in mind, it’s not impossible for people to speculate that the game could actually be coming to the Xbox One. Nibel said the Xbox Germany Facebook post could either be a mistake on the game company’s part or it could be that some changes were made behind the scenes so that the much awaited game could actually be released on the Xbox One the same day as the PS4.


Maxi Graff, Xbox Germany’s marketing communications and social media lead, responded to Nibel’s tweet and apologized to everyone, saying the video was posted as a result of an “internal mistake in the Social Team.” Graff added that there’s “no announcement on our side” regarding the Remake of the 1997 PS classic.

Graff explained that the video, which featured several “Final Fantasy” titles, included “Final Fantasy VII Remake” by mistake from the editorial team. Simply put, Xbox Germany denies that the game will be coming to the Xbox One on March 3 next year. She said she is “sorry” this happened.

Final Fantasy 7 cast The beloved cast of "Final Fantasy 7" get their much deserved refresh in "Final Fantasy VII Remake." Photo: