Could a 120-Year Mystery Finally Be Solved?

A Spanish investigator claims to have identified Jack the Ripper, the now legendary serial killer that terrified London and baffled authorities as to his identify for years.

in 1888, Jack the Ripper brutally killed at least five prostitutes in Whitechapel in east London by slashing their throats and removing organs. In one night, he even killed two women within minutes of each other..

Jose Luis Abad claims in his newly published book 'Jack the Ripper: The most intelligent murderer in history' that the identity of the killer is Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline, the Scotland Yard detective who was in charge of the case.

Abad is a handwriting expert who studied handwriting since 1975, and claims that Jack the Ripper's 63-page diary and the chief inspector's police reports and signature match up.

"I have no doubt Inspector Abberline was in fact Jack the Ripper. It sounds unbelievable, but the fact is, handwriting does not lie. Their scripts are identical," said Abad, who started his own investigation seven years ago after Jack the Ripper's diary was discovered in 1992 in Liverpool.

The detective died in 1929, aged 86, in Bournemouth.

The identity of Jack the Ripper, who got his pseudonym from a letter sent to a London news agency claiming to be the killer, is one of the world's greatest unsolved murders.

Will Abad's book provide a breakthrough and lay this case to rest, once and for all?