A Tawkon employee demonstrates their software on a smartphone
The Call Reminder application will conveniently help the user to remember important dates and meetings REUTERS/Nir Elias

Finmouse, an app developer for Android, iOS and other platforms has launched a call reminder for the Android market that allows the user to create a reminder note and assign it to one or more of his phone’s contacts.

A reminder note will be displayed on the screen every time the user calls that person or if the selected person calls the user. The reminder will automatically become inactive after it is shown on the screen.

Andrei Kovacs, managing director of the Romania-based company said, one of the company’s employees came up with the idea and the company worked on the app after it received a positive feedback.

Call Reminder is the only Android app that suitably shows reminders during phone calls and allows users to remember important events and meetings.

Here is the link to the Call Reminder app.