Tesla is not the only company excited to launch its electric vehicles in the market. It appears that Fisker is now getting serious and is challenging the lease program of Tesla Model 3 with a far cheaper lease rate. Fisker Ocean Electric SUV launches an attractive lease program that will attract electric car enthusiasts.

Fisker recently announced that it is planning to offer the Fisker Ocean Electric for a surprisingly affordable price of $379 per month lease fee. At the moment, details about this latest purchase option are not yet available, but the company said it is going to concentrate on the lease program. There is a catch, though; the company requires a down payment of $2,999. Interested electric vehicle enthusiasts can reserve the Fisker Ocean Electric SUV unit by paying a reservation fee of $250.

The company also opens the pre-order books for Fisker Ocean Electric SUV on Nov. 27. The latest program announced by Fisker when computed is much cheaper than any rate Tesla has on its more affordable Tesla Model 3 vehicle. Elon Musk’s company requires a down payment of $1,214 on the standard range Tesla Model 3 and a monthly payment pf $519 with 10,000 miles allotted every year. It would take only over a year to make up for the difference in the offering of both auto companies.

Fisker electric SUV Fisker has branded the Fisker Ocean as an electric luxury SUV and the world's most sustainable vehicle and is collaborating with Electrify America to develop charging technology. Photo: Fisker Inc.

However, Fisker explains that the flexible lease program will not involve any long-term deal. This means that you can have the Fisker Ocean Electric SUV for a year, a month, several years. Additionally, Fisker promises 30,000 miles per year with the lease program that comes with insurance quotes from its website or its dedicated smartphone app.

As soon as the customer reserves the Fisker Ocean Electric SUV, it will have the opportunity to choose from five options bundles in 2020. The company wants to showcase to customers these offers at particular experience centers that are scheduled to open in airports, shopping malls, and other places in 2020. By 2021, customers can access the mobile app of the company to schedule a test drive. 

Should the customer changes his mind, he can get his deposit back anytime. At present, Fisker plans to begin production of the Fisker Ocean Electric SUV at the end of 2021, the same year Tesla commence the production of its recently launched Tesla Cybertruck. The upcoming Fisker Ocean Electric SUV has a range between 250 and 300 miles. 

The Fisker Ocean Electric SUV will be equipped with a solar panel roof for additional juice that drivers may need on their daily drive. The vehicle is anticipated to launch on Jan. 4, 2020.