AeroMobil's latest flying car prototype can take regular gasoline and fit in a standard parking spot. It's also capable of landing at any airport in the world, but only needs 165 feet to take off and less than one eighth of a mile to land, and the company says any grassy field works just fine.

The AeroMobil Flying Roadster 3.0 does, however, require a pilot's license, and its manufacturer does not yet have a price or a date when it will be ready for large-scale manufacturing. Strict flight regulations throughout developed countries may also prevent most commuters from hopping in its cockpit, as well.

On the ground, it is capable of racing at 124 miles per hour and gets nerarly 30 miles per gallon, AeroMobil said during its unveiling and test flight Wednesday at the Pioneer Festival in Vienna. In the air, it can fly for four hours, or up to 430 miles, and when its in flight-gliding mode, it uses less fuel than most cars, the company claims.

Henry Ford famously said that "a combination of airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come." Company founders Juraj Vaculik and Stefan Klein say that time has come, but their Flying Roadster 3.0 is still not yet production-ready, and AeroMobil has no timeline for when it will be ready for sale.

flyingcar cockpit The AeroMobil Flying Roadster 3.0 has a cockpit that's slightly more advanced than most regular vehicles. Photo: AeroMobil