As promised, FoldiMate showed off its laundry-folding robot at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. This machine is intended to be a household robot that makes folding clothes hassle-free for families.

FoldiMate is among the companies that are in attendance at the big tech trade show this week. After teasing about its upcoming family robot for a while, the California-based company is finally showing off its invention to the public.

The FoldiMate Family robot is designed to be a machine that takes care of clothes once they are washed. Users are required to manually clip their clothes to the hanging slot of the machine. Once the hanging rack is full, the robot pulls the items one at a time and the entire folding process takes place inside of the machine, as first reported by VentureBeat.

Inside the machine, the robot places the piece of clothing on top of a board. Then, it irons and steams the garment while folding it properly. One piece of clothing takes around 10 seconds to fold. The machine’s hanging rack can accommodate around 15 to 20 items. Once done with the folding process, the FoldiMate Family robot spits out the folded clothes.

Because it makes it easier for families, especially mothers, to take care of the laundry, FoldiMate founder and CEO Gal Rozov said the new robot will be “saving marriages around the world.” However, consumers should note that this machine would cost them around $850.

In December, FoldiMate released a press statement online to tease about the FoldiMate Family robot. At the time the company stated that the machine runs on Easy Clipping technology that makes laundry-folding “simple and quick.” The company also mentioned that its new robot can handle a wide range of fabrics and garments and does a fine job of folding shirts, pants, towels and even pillow cases.

"I created FoldiMate as my wife claims I am one of the worst laundry folders in the world. She's right. I hate it! There is a lot of laundry when you have three children and folding is tedious. I wanted to help her,“ Rozov said in the press release. “Although we're still in the prototype stage, we decided to exhibit at CES and expand our fan base prior to the pre-order launch late 2017.”