Forsaken Castle
The first stretch goal of the “Forsaken Castle” Kickstarter project has been announced. Kickstarter/Duck Block Games

“Forsaken Castle” has reached its initial crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. The project is now on its way to getting its first stretch goal unlocked. Also, the developers have announced the periodic release of beta builds.

Duck Block Games launched the Kickstarter campaign for “Forsaken Castle” last week. Less than five days since the project went live, it already reached its $10,000 initial goal. Over the weekend, the team behind the project published an update to not only thank the backers for the incredible response, but also to announce some good news.

First off, Duck Block Games announced that it is now determined to release periodic beta builds to backers of tiers that come with a copy of the game. This means everyone from the $15 Squire tier to the $5,000 Executive Producer tier will have access to these beta updates prior the release of the game. “We can’t wait to start sharing more great updates to the game as we move forward. We’re also looking forward to hearing what you think about our progress as we continue to work this to completion,” the developer wrote.

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The next great news has to do with the first stretch goal of the project. Since launching the Kickstarter project, Duck Block disclosed its plan of adding extra content and making a couple of perks as long as fans show sufficient support. Because the initial goal is already funded, backers are now working their way to the first stretch goal.

Forsaken Castle screenshot
“Forsaken Castle” screenshot Kickstarter/Steam

What Is The First Stretch Goal?

The first stretch goal is called New Game+. This will basically help developers design the game to make it have a different feel the next time gamers play it after completing it once. Hence, it will make them feel as though they are playing a new game all over again. This will be done through certain upgrades like making enemies tougher, decreasing the healing items and other resources as well as introducing new challenges and new story elements in the succeeding plays.

How Much Is Needed To Unlock New Game+?

The first stretch goal will be unlocked when the Kickstarter campaign receives $12,000 worth of pledges. As of writing, the project has $11,183 pledges from 216 backers. Given that it’s only been a week since the campaign went live, it’s very likely for the stretch goal to get unlocked this week.

Why Back “Forsaken Castle’s” Kickstarter?

Although the platformer is already funded, there are still more stretch goals to be unlocked and most if not all of them help enhance the game until its completion. For example, there are stretch goals that will allow players to assume the role of different characters aside from the protagonist that is Lily. There are also stretch goals that would bring the game to the PlayStation 4 console and the new gaming machine from Nintendo called the Nintendo Switch.

Forsaken Castle screenshot 2
“Forsaken Castle” screenshot 2 Kickstarter/Steam

What Is The Game About?

“Forsaken Castle” is a 16-bit style, exploration platformer that follows the adventures of a newly appointed paladin named Lily. The character is primarily tasked to find out what caused the appearance of the undead in a nearby village called Atoh. As part of her investigation, she will enter a dark castle that houses mysterious creatures, dangerous traps and challenging puzzles. The game comes with various battles, epic bosses and multiple endings. It has Metroid Gameplay and “Castlevania”-inspired visual aesthetics.

When Is The Release Of The Game?

Though there is no specific release date as of late, Duck Block Games has indicated that “Forsaken Castle” is estimated to arrive in October 2017 for Windows PC, Mac OS and Linux via Steam.