Forsaken Castle
“Forsaken Castle” is a 16-bit platformer that is currently in the works. Kickstarter/Duck Block Games

The Kickstarter campaign for “Forsaken Castle” is now live. Know more about the 16-bit game’s story and features as well as the rewards and stretch goals of the project below.

“Forsaken Castle” is a 16-bit style, action exploration platformer that’s inspired by the classic metroidvania games. Founded by Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Duck Block Games, this game follows the adventure of a paladin as she fights against evil and goes on a journey to investigate the appearance of the undead in the village of Atoh.

Players who love the retro pixel art style of the games from the yesteryears will enjoy this 16-bit style platformer. While this is slated for release on Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems, the developer has also made it clear that it is possibly coming to the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 consoles with enough crowdfunding support.

Who Is The Protagonist Of The Game?

In this single-player game, players assume the role of a paladin named Lily. She is actually a newbie who is full of determination to prove herself as a capable paladin of her order. When she’s assigned to investigate the mystery behind the appearance of the undead in a nearby village, she eagerly sets off sans knowing of the evil forces she’s about to face when she finds her way to an old castle.


“Forsaken Castle” is an SNES inspired video game that comes with simple yet entertaining features. The handcrafted pixel art castle houses dungeons and catacombs that are rife with traps, secrets and various puzzles. The game also features challenging battles, epic bosses and multiple endings. Another feature that players will like pertains to the magic that the protagonist will obtain throughout her journey. Certain items and spells will maker her become stronger and also help her reach new areas. Lastly, Duck Block is promising “Castlevania” visual aesthetics.

Forsaken Castle obstacle
Forsaken Castle Kickstarter/Duck Block Games


For gamers who are still contemplating on whether or not they should support the Kickstarter project of “Forsaken Castle,” below is the list of the pledge tiers and their corresponding rewards.

  • $5 - Thank You and HD desktop wallpaper
  • $15 - Previous rewards and DRM-free digital copy
  • $25 - Previous rewards, digital copy of soundtrack and name in the credits
  • $50 - Previous rewards, digital Artbook and Manual copies
  • $150 - Previous rewards, SNES style Collector’s Box (SNES style cartridge USB stick that contains a copy of the game, soundtrack CD and old school Manual), a commemorative button and 2 handcrafted beads (Axe and Fireball).
  • $300 - Previous rewards, Kickstarter Exclusive Collector’s Coin, a “Forsaken Castle” t-shirt, printed Artbook and 2 handcrafted Perler Beads (Lily and Holy Water).
  • $400 - Previous rewards and a pixel portrait of backer, friend or pet that will randomly appear in the game.
  • $500 - Previous rewards and a permanent pixel portrait of backer, friend or pet that comes with a custom plaque.
  • $600 - Previous rewards and the chance to create one’s own lore in the game.
  • $800 - Previous rewards and the opportunity to design a Monster.
  • $1,000 - Previous rewards and the advantage of designing a Boss.
  • $5,000 - Previous rewards, the name of the player as Executive Producer and an extra Protector reward tier.
Forsaken Castle Boss
Forsaken Castle Kickstarter/Duck Block Games

Stretch Goals

The funding goal for the Kickstarter project of the game is $10,000. Beyond that are stretch goals that backers can help unlock. All of the announced stretch goals are detailed below.

  • $12,000 New Game + - This stretch goal will ensure that the game is altered once the player has already completed it once. This makes the game feel brand new in the succeeding times the player plays with it.
  • $14,000 Boss Rush Mode - This mode will test one’s skill in defeating all bosses.
  • $17,000 Valkyrie Lily - An angelic Valkyrie outfit will be launched as a new outfit for Lily.
  • $20,000 PlayStation 4 - Support up to this amount will ensure that the game is coming to Sony’s console.
  • $25,000 Mage Unlocked - This will introduce a magician named Meryl into the game who will help Lily with the upgrades and items.
  • $30,000 Dark Lily - This brings a Dark Knight outfit to the game, as well as custom weapons and special effects.
  • $35,000 Nintendo Switch - This will make it possible for the developer to release the game on the Nintendo Switch.
  • $40,000 Knight Unlocked - This will add a knight named Vincent to the game. Players will then have the chance to play as Vincent in his own story. The character comes with new gameplay and abilities.
  • $50,000 Prelude Story - This will take players to a journey to eighty years ago where they’ll have to take the role of a different playable character. They’ll also have to follow a new story and face different bosses.

“Forsaken Castle” is scheduled for release in October 2017. The exact date is not available as of this time. To get more information about the game, click here.