"Fortnite" players have been waiting for the upcoming Season 11. Epic Games is, reportedly, getting ready for a special in-game event to mark the end of the current season, Season X.

This tenth season is scheduled to end on October 13, at exactly 2 P.M. EST, right after the huge gaming event. There are already speculations and theories about the upcoming Season 11 event, but the game developer hasn’t made any confirmation yet.

Fortunately, fans have already gotten the first leak of the new season and it brought some good news for the players of the popular battle royale game. "Fortnite" is about to get a brand new map in its next season Season 11 or Chapter 2. The brand new map has been leaked ahead of the Season 10 in-game event.

Fortnite Lance Pillay/pexels.com

How the brand new map leaked

According to the reports, the first leak has come from the Italian Apple App Store, which has released a new image of what is called "Fortnite: Chapter 2." That shared image showed a brand new map, where the Season 11 is expected to take place. The new map will get a new look and the island layout will likely be different in the next season. So, expect some new challenges and adventures next season. Based on the information in the shared image, the next season will also get the lighting that was used in the early seasons of the battle royale game.

The news about the brand new map seems to confirm an existing theory that Epic Games might destroy the latest map as part of the upcoming n-game event. In the recent post on Reddit, gaming streamer TheSquantingDog has teamed up with fellow "Fortnite" players to destroy the latest "Fortnite" map and that stream ended with an aerial view of the existing map completely stripped of all its infrastructures and buildings. This is could be what "Fortnite" folks could see once the rocket launches and destroy everything on Sunday.

Right now, it still unknown how exactly this brand new map will be added to the game. However, "Fortnite" fans have managed to come up with some interesting theories involving the Dusty Depot rocket. According to some "Fortnite" fans, there will be a massive rocket attack and it will destroy everything on the island.

Meanwhile, some "Fortnite" data miners have made some interesting discoveries about the upcoming Sunday event. The data miners revealed that players will be teleported outside of the island to witness the island's destruction.

The next season, Season 11 (Chapter 2)

The upcoming huge "Fortnite" event will be called "The End," and it's also the start of the transition period. "Fortnite" fans could expect more leaks to come out in the coming days as Epic Games continue its strong commitment and support to the battle royale game.