• Weapon crafting is a new addition to the sixth season of "Fortnite"
  • Players can craft new weapons using Makeshift Weapons and either Animal Bones or Mechanical Parts
  • The game's original loot system is still intact

The epic finale of “Fortnite” Season 5 has paved the way for a fresh new start for the game. “Fortnite” Season 6 has begun, and it is bringing weapon and item crafting to the table.

Fortnite” Season 6, dubbed “Primal,” introduces a new Primal biome borne out of Reality’s collapse after the containment of the Zero Point. This season has a primitive or makeshift theme going on, with the manual crafting of guns and gear taking center stage.

Weapons can still be looted like before, but new weapon types called Primal Weapons can now be crafted. Players will need to collect resources from the newly-added Wildlife that roam around the map as well as other resources found in the environment.

Players will also find new Makeshift Weapons from loot sources. These weapons are the main crafting ingredients for Primal Weapons.

The new Primal Rifle in Fortnite Season 6
The new Primal Rifle in Fortnite Season 6. Epic Games

To craft Primal Weapons, players will need to find one Makeshift Weapon and a few Animal Bones. Once the desired weapon type and Animal Bone requirements are met, simply head to the Inventory screen then upgrade the Makeshift Weapon from there.

Primal weapons will deal more damage than their base versions, so upgrading a Makeshift Weapon should be a priority upon the start of a round.

Players will also be able to craft classic weapons such as the Assault Rifle and the Pump Shotgun through the crafting menu in the Inventory screen. They can be made using Mechanical Parts that drop from remnants of technology (cars, forklifts and others) using the same method as Primal Weapons crafting.

“Fortnite” Season 6 also introduces new Bows to the game. The Primal and Mechanical Bows can be looted from the typical loot sources or crafted from a common Bow. These bows can be upgraded to shoot different types of arrows depending on how players choose to craft them. Arrow types include flaming arrows, electric shockwave arrows and poison arrows.

A new item called the Hunter’s Cloak was also added to the game. It can be crafted by combining Meat and Bones in the Crafting screen. The cloak is used to ward off predators like wolves that were also recently added to “Fortnite.”