Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet might return to Fortnite battle royale next year. Epic Games

Earlier this year, Epic Games added Thanos to “Fortnite” battle royale through a limited time mode where players can use the Infinity Gauntlet as a weapon. Interestingly, data miners have uncovered files within “Fortnite” that directly hint at the possible return of the “Avengers: Infinity War” villain.

Yesterday, Epic Games rolled out its v7.01 update to “Fortnite” that added the legendary sword from the “Infinity Blade” series as a new powerful weapon. Data miner @FortTory on Twitter discovered that three files were changed within the v7.01 update that directly reference the Infinity Gauntlet. The files were hidden inside a newly added folder that includes “Carmine” in its name, as first reported by Fortnite News.

If that’s not enough evidence to confirm the return of Thanos in “Fortnite,” another data miner also found a sound file that should be familiar to anyone who has ever played the Infinity Gauntlet limited time mode. The sound file is labeled as “Carmine_Disappear_01” and was discovered by @lucas7yoshi_, who shared the short audio clip on Twitter.

For those unaware, the word “Carmine” was previously used by Epic Games as a codename for the Infinity Gauntlet limited time mode in “Fortnite” battle royale, as pointed out by IGN. The discovery of these files in the latest version of “Fortnite” strongly suggest that Thanos will indeed return to the battle royale game.

The original Infinity Gauntlet limited time mode was added with “Fortnite” season 4 in May as part of a cross-promotion with Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” movie — released the same month. The limited time mode allowed players to pick up the Infinity Gauntlet and transform into Thanos. When players picked up the weapon, they were granted full health and shield, and they were given several powerful abilities that made it easier to take down enemies.

Although a lot of players had fun playing as Thanos, Epic Games had to make some adjustments with how the limited time mode worked. If the Infinity Gauntlet does make its return, it’s very likely that the limited time mode it’s associated with should already be in good condition without the need of any fine-tuning.

So, when will Thanos return to the battle royale game? Marvel just released the first teaser trailer for “Avengers: Endgame” last week and revealed that the film will be released in April next year. If Epic is indeed bringing back Thanos, it’s very likely that it will happen around the same time of the movie's release, accoridng to Game Rant.