Epic Games announced during The Game Awards that it has removed Risky Reels from the “Fortnite” battle royale map. In its place is a new location called The Block that will feature the most interesting islands built by players in the recently launched Creative mode.

Yesterday, Epic Games launched season 7 of “Fortnite” and brought some huge changes to the battle royale map. There is now a snowy biome with new named locations scattered throughout the area. The arrival of season 7 also brought along a new Creative mode, which allows players to create their very own island designs where they can play custom matches with their friends. To boost usage of Creative mode, Epic Games replaced Risky Reels with The Block, which is where the most creative player-made islands will be featured.

“It’s time to kickoff a #FortniteBlockParty! The most exciting and imaginative islands built in Creative will be featured on the The Block in the Battle Royale map,” Epic said on its blog. “Can you create something that will inspire the world? Will you become ‘Fortnite’ Famous?”

Epic Games has some guidelines for players who want their own creations to be featured on The Block. First off, players must create their location on the flat surface of the Creative mode’s island. It looks like The Block will only be able to accommodate creations that cover a maximum of 25 x 25 tile area.

Users who want their creations to be featured on The Block must also be mindful of their memory usage. In Creative mode, players only have a limited amount of memory represented by a “Memory Used” bar that’s found at the bottom of the HUD just below the health/shield bars. The memory usage cap may have been a necessity to avoid crashing the servers, as pointed out by VG24/7.

Epic Games is advising players to use less than 50,000 of their “Memory Used” bar in Creative mode if they want their creations to be featured on The Block.

Creations by players don’t need to have spawn locations for chests, floor loot and vehicles. Epic said that they will be the ones who will place these items on the island if it’s been chosen to be featured on The Block. Lastly, Epic said that participants must respect the Creative Code Of Conduct, which was published earlier this week.

Epic noted that it will choose the most creative islands by browsing through them on social media. The developer is encouraging everyone to share their creations along with the hashtag #FortniteBlockParty on Twitter. The Creative mode in “Fortnite” is available now for players who purchased the season 7 battle pass. The mode will then become available to all starting on Dec. 13, according to Polygon.