• December's free PS Plus games are mostly third-person, action-adventure titles
  • "Godfall: Challenger Edition" does not include the main game's campaign
  • Players can upgrade to the Deluxe Edition of "Godfall" after claiming the Challenger Edition

Sony’s free games lineup for PS Plus has been revealed, giving both PS5 and PS4 owners a chance to play some amazing titles for free alongside the usual perks provided by the subscription service.

This month, players will be able to dive into some action RPGs set in grim and fantastical worlds. Here’s an overview of each game included in December’s PS Plus lineup.

“Godfall: Challenger Edition” (PS5, PS4)

Counterplay Games’ third-person looter-slasher will be available this month to PS Plus subscribers but with a slight twist. The Challenger Edition features only the endgame portion of “Godfall,” which means the main campaign will not be playable.

Players will be given an endgame-worthy set of items and enough skill points to start slaying immediately. Should one find the game to be what they’re looking for, the Challenger Edition can be upgraded to the Deluxe Edition to gain access to the main “Godfall” campaigns.

Play as the exalted knight donning one of 12 Valorplates that grant powerful abilities based on the Zodiac signs. Slash, pierce and smash through hordes of enemies in an adventure to prevent a major apocalyptic event from destroying existence.

“Lego DC Super-Villains” (PS4)

This entry in the DC/Lego game universe will have players take the role of a brand-new and self-made supervillain in an attempt to weed out the hidden intentions behind the mysterious Justice Syndicate that took over the world.

Lego DC Super-Villains is an action adventure game featuring a lighter take on the comic book universe's most notorious villains
Lego DC Super-Villains is an action adventure game featuring a lighter take on the comic book universe's most notorious villains Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Create a custom villain and join forces with some of the DC Universe’s biggest baddies in this 3D action platformer and wreak havoc in a fun and memorable story campaign.

“Mortal Shell” (PS4)

Dive into the grim and dreary land of Fallgrim in “Mortal Shell,” Cold Symmetry’s first voyage into the “Souls”-like subgenre of action RPGs. Find and possess the empty husks of legendary warriors to gain access to unique weapons, armor sets and abilities in this unique and satisfying take on a proven gaming formula.

Among the many “Souls”-like games released in recent years, “Mortal Shell” stands out as one of the better titles to play thanks to its unique possession system, intricate and refreshing combat system as well as its rightfully-challenging boss encounters.