• The Xbox Games with Gold lineup for December includes a number of strategy-oriented games
  • All games are available to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscribers
  • Some of the titles will be available to claim until early January

The latest free game lineup for Xbox Games with Gold has been revealed, giving players a few interesting titles to look forward to in addition to their monthly subscriptions.

December’s free lineup is heavy on strategy games that should offer fans of the genre a great time. Xbox Live Gold members and Xbox Game Pass owners will have free access to these games along with the myriad of other perks included in the services.

Here’s a quick overview of each of the free games that’s coming next month.

“Orcs Must Die”

Hold back hordes of green and grizzled orcs as a powerful War Mage in “Orcs Must Die.” In this action/tower defense hybrid, players must prevent an army of monsters from breaching portals to the human realms using a wide array of traps, turrets and magical weapons. Funnel enemies into kill zones or get rid of them the old-fashioned way with firearms, enchanted crossbows, spells, magic weapons and more.

“Orcs Must Die” will be available between Dec. 1 and Dec. 15.

Fight back hordes of orcs and other monsters in Orcs Must Die
Fight back hordes of orcs and other monsters in Orcs Must Die Robot Entertainment

“The Escapists 2”

Team up with up to three friends and break out of some of the toughest prisons in the world of “The Escapists.” This top-down strategy game locks players inside one of many high-security jailhouses with the explicit goal of subverting security and getting out alive. Follow the strict rules, procedures and daily activities of normal prison life while plotting a grand scheme to vanish without a trace.

“The Escapists 2” will be available throughout the entire month of December

“Tropico 5: Penultimate Edition”

The “Penultimate Edition” of the fifth game in the “Tropico” series of city-building games includes two add-ons, “The Big Cheese” and “The Hostile Takeover,” to provide players even more options and exciting encounters in their attempt to turn their tropical island nation into the country of their dreams.

Manage infrastructure projects, trade routes, research and more as the nation of Tropico evolves from an antiquated colony into a modern, 21st-century paradise.

“Tropico 5” is available to download between Dec. 16 and Jan. 15.

“Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet”

Navigate through treacherous environments, solve puzzles and battle enemies in this 2D action-adventure game. “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet” strikes a balance between challenging combat encounters and confusing battles set in a visually-captivating world that’s rich with lore and detail. Take flight in a flying saucer equipped with powerful alien technology and save the world from near-certain doom.

“Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet” will be available from Dec. 16 to the end of the month.