• Rockstar games has not yet confirmed if "GTA 6" really exists
  • Fans of the upcoming title, however, are still trying to unearth hints and clues and associate it with "GTA 6"
  • A new "GTA Online" mission is now being linked with the much-awaited title from Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has maintained its silence when it comes to details related to the highly anticipated “GTA 6.” However, that does not stop “Grand Theft Auto” fans from finding leaks and associate them with the rumored upcoming title. Recently, some “GTA Online” players associate the most recent set of “Gerald’s Last Play” missions, claiming that it is giving a hint about “GTA 6.”

On Reddit, some “GTA 6” fans are discussing the latest mission released by Rockstar Games to “GTA Online.” a Redditor named bozidarilic asks if the message from Gerald’s Last Play means something, believing that it contains an interesting wordplay. Other users appear to see the connection, claiming that Rockstar Games might have done something intentional with the wording of the mission. 

Some believe that the wording could be hinting about a brand new heist; however, another Redditor named Hazebuster2708 points out something more interesting. The Redditor claims that the map of “GTA Online” does not indicate a new heist. Hazebuster2708  underlines a possible alien invasion auto shop floor that players could unlock.

The Reddit user also highlights the cryptic poster with texts saying, “Los Santos 2020,” along with a picture of an alien. Another Reddit user named TheBarrowCasual points out that two months ago, someone discovered on the chiliad mystery page a hidden number 355 and discovered that “GTA 5” has been released for 34o weeks. The Reddit user notes that some players believe something big would happen in the game when it hits the 355th mark.

Rockstar added new Gerald contact mission in Online called "Last Play" today. Here is the message from Gerald. Could it mean something? I mean, it's an interesting word play here. from r/GTA6

TheBarrowCasual shares that he personally thinks it might be the game’s final DLC. He adds that it would be “class” if Rockstar Games could link the reveal of “GTA 6” at the end of “GTA 5.” Reddit user Dintol recently highlighted the post made by a popular Rockstar Games  insider  Chris Liberty. The post, which is now deleted, revealed that the “GTA 6” has been in the pre-production stage since 2014.

If this claim is accurate, it means that Rockstar Games was working on a couple of titles simultaneously, which are “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “GTA 6.” it also means that “GTA 6” is another title that has a long timeline. These details are mere speculations, and just like all other leaks and rumors, take this information with a good measure of salt and with skepticism.