Fujifilm has announced the new Instax Square SQ20. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Fujifilm has announced a new hybrid instant camera that is capable of recoding videos. Called the Instax Square SQ20, the new Fujifilm camera allows users to record 15-second videos to produce more creative photos.

The Instax Square SQ20 will require a microSD card to record 15-second videos. If the camera doesn’t have a microSD card, users will only be able to record 3-second videos. The purpose of the video recording feature isn’t really for uploading to social media. Instead, it will be used in selecting the best moments to print as images.

“The SQ20 inherits the basic functions of SQ10 and offers a wide variety of additional functions that allow you to enjoy both taking and printing photos. A new function called the ‘Motion Mode’ allows you to take a video (max 15 seconds) of children or pets, and then easily pick and print your favorite moment of them,” Fujifilm said on it website.

Instax Square SQ20
The new SQ20 is able to record videos which can be used to produce creative photos. Fujifilm

There are also several filters than can be used when taking photos using Motion Mode. One is called “Sequence” and it allows users to take dynamic photos by adding a sequence effect making it look like it was taken using long exposure. There are also two other filters that can be used in Motion Mode: Retro and Film frame.

There’s also a a mode called “Time Shift Collage” that can take four photos with a time lag by simply pressing the shutter button once. Lastly, there’s “Collage” which can take four photos and each of them will be merged together and divided irregularly into one collage.

“The camera has the first zooming function (4.0 x) within the Instax series. There is also a self-shot mirror attached to the side of the lens allowing you to check the shooting range,” Fujifilm said. “The camera is stylish, easy-to-hold and easy-to-shoot by placing shutter buttons in both sides of the camera allowing you to shoot with your right or left hand. There are two color variations with matte black to suit any scene and style, and beige for an elegant and fashionable feel.”

Aside from the new Motion Mode, filters and zooming capabilities, the Instax Square SQ20 comes with all of the same features as last year’s SQ10, including the ability to print photos on the go. However, the SQ20 is a bit of a downgrade. As pointed out by The Verge, the SQ20 has a 1/5-inch sensor, which is down from the SQ10’s 1/4-inch sensor. The Square SQ20 appears to have the same lens as the SQ10, but it will most likely have a field of view of 33.4mm instead of 28.5mm due to the smaller sensor.

Fujifilm didn’t reveal pricing for the Instax Square SQ20, but the company did say that it will be available to purchase starting on Oct. 20.