A new Apple patent published recently surfaced online, revealing what the Cupertino-based tech giant could be working on. It appears that Apple is planning to have a revolutionary wearable that could allow more room on the face of the watch. The design shown in the patent reveals that Apple is looking into moving the antenna from the housing of the Apple Watch to its band.

The newly published Apple Watch patent was first reported by Apple Insider, which revealed that the patent is titled Antenna Assemblies For Watch Bands. The patent's summary states that Apple is considering a watch band that could contain an antenna, which will be used for wireless communication with other devices. The antenna could be embedded inside the body of the watch's band to conceal it from plain sight and to protect it from external factors. Additionally, Apple describes the Apple Watch antennas as bendable, flexible, and stretchable with the watch's body.

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These features, according to the patent’s summary, prevent the watch from getting damaged due to applied forces. It also maintains comfort and compliance if the band when worn by the user. The Apple Watch patent states that in most designs, the watch or other devices seldom interact with the watch band with the band designed only to keep the watch on the user's wrist.

Apple is considering housing the components of the watch outside the solid housing to provide more space within. Additionally, the patent states that placing the components within the band makes it far more accessible for upgrades and repairs. The patent further describes how the antenna, as well as other circuitry, could be housed inside the watch band to allow it to communicate with other devices.

The idea of moving the antenna to the watch's band is interesting. It will also allow Apple to have more space inside the watch for bigger batteries. A more accessible antenna placement could also mean lower and more effective maintenance and repair costs. It is worth noting, however, that a patent is in no way an indication that it will soon be on Apple Watch. Giant companies like Apple often file patents, which, most of the time, are left as a patent.