Samsung halts Note 7 production
Samsung Electronics Co. has temporarily halted production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after reports of replacement phones also overheating. JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Samsung's doomed Galaxy Note 7 handset has become the center of a class action lawsuit. The suit, details of which were posted on Scribd by Motherboard TV, was filed by McCuneWright Law Firm representing 3 plaintiffs — John Waudby, Robert Spuntak and Mohamad Ibrahim — against Samsung Electronics America on Tuesday in the U.S. district court in New Jersey.

“Samsung informed consumers they would have to wait several days, and even weeks in many cases, before receiving a replacement smartphone. During this time, and as a result of Defendant failing to provide consumers with an adequate replacement, consumers continued to incur monthly device and plan charges from their cellular carriers for phones they could not safely use,” the suit alleges

The lawsuit comes just a week after Samsung officially recalled the Note 7 and discontinued production of the handset. The aggrieved customers are not suing for physical injuries or property damage but they are alleging “economic injuries” caused by the recall.

Note 7 customers were told to “power down” their devices on Sept. 9, but the official replacements for the device only started on September 21.

Samsung had to ultimately recall the replacement devices too as they also started catching fire.

Samsung has tried to entice customers by providing a $100 credit on the top of the Note 7 full refund if they opt for another Samsung device.

More lawsuits are expected in the coming weeks, especially by consumers who suffered from burns or destruction of property due to exploding Note 7 handsets.

The U.S. government has declared carrying Note 7 smartphones on flights a federal crime.