• "Genshin Impact" 1.4 is now live 
  • The next update is expected to launch this April
  • Two new playable characters are rumored arriving in the game via Update 1.5

"Genshin Impact" just rolled out the new Venti character banner in update 1.4. Still, a new set of leaks showcasing the elemental burst, ultimates, skills and animations of two new playable characters arriving in "Genshin Impact 1.5 has been massively leaked online.

A Facebook page named Genshin Impact Info and Updates also shared the new Elemental Burst Group-Damage Eula and Yanfei reportedly received. Apparently, the clip shared on the page highlight Eula and Yanfei's Elemental Bursts against a group of Hilichurls. The clip shows that Eula and Yanfei could deal damage to enemies using their Elemental Bursts.

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Meanwhile, content creator and YouTuber Retro Drome recently shared on his channel a video showcasing the idle animations of Eula and Yanfei. These two are among the characters rumored to arrive in "Genshin Impact" 1.5. While the source of information is unknown, the YouTuber provided the fans with interesting videos of these two.

Eula is going to be the third five-star Cryo character in "Genshin Impact." Her Elemental Burst is called Glacial Illumination, where she performs a massive spinning slash that hits all nearby enemies with Cryo damage. It also enables her to create a sword that sticks with her for a certain time duration.

Meanwhile, Yanfei is a four-star Pyro character that wields a Catalyst weapon. She is going to be the eighth Pyro character to be added to the game. Her Elemental Skill is called Signed Edict that deals AoE Pyro damage via fiery flames.

When her fire hits an opponent, she gets a full stack of Scarlet Seals. Her Elemental Burst is called Done Deal that also deals with AoE Pyro damage. Using this attack, Yanfei gets the Brilliance effect, aside from the Scarlet Seals, which both increase her Charged Attack.

These leaks, while interesting, are not official. And while most of them came from the "Genshin Impact" closed beta, these are not yet final. Devs could still make changes to these characters as they launch in the game. Update 1.5 is anticipated to roll out sometime this April.