• "Genshin Impact"1.4 goes live on March 17
  • The game launches Rosaria as one of its featured characters
  • Beta testing for "Genshin Impact" Update 1.5 is now available

Chinese gaming studio miHoYo earlier announced the content coming to "Genshin Impact" through version 1.4. Some fans, however, are already disappointed upon learning that their much-awaited Dendro characters might not yet arrive in Update 1.5.

Dendro Characters Not Yet Coming In Update 1.5

The latest information about Dendro characters' arrival in "Genshin Impact comes from reliable industry insider zluet. The insider breaks the disappointing news on Twitter, claiming that Dendro characters are not yet arriving in the hit gacha game in update 1.5. But the insider hints about potential character re-runs and notes that since Update 1.5 is not yet out, there's still a chance for major additions and changes, including the launch of Dendro characters.

Earlier, industry insider M1TSUBA leaked on Twitter that Baizhu, a possible Dendro character, could be featured in a banner under Update 1.5. Additionally, a story quest centered on Baizhu, similar to the Albedo quest in Dragonspine would be launched in the same patch, the insider claimed. Baizhu is anticipated to be the first-ever five-star character to launch in the hit gacha game.

Character Demo - "Hu Tao: Let the Living Beware" | Genshin Impact
When the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor is performing important rites, we appreciate it if people keep a respectful distance away from the proceedings. ...But if you insist on gatecrashing a funeral... Well, I'm sure we can squeeze you in somewhere... Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

The said character is also believed to wield a Jade Catalyst. It is believed that Baizhu is frail in nature. Thus, he could not wield a sword and instead settles with a Catalyst. Apparently, these details were taken from data mining activities and shared by a reliable Chinese insider. Apart From Baizhu and Yaoyao, another Dendro character could also launch in the upcoming patch, the insider shared. Yaoyao is a four-star Dendro character that would be released for free.

"Genshin Impact" Update 1.5 Beta Testing

Meanwhile, miHoyo announced that beta testing for "Genshin Impact" Update 1.5 is now available to players. Interested testers could sign up by filling out the application form available on Google Docs, as well as on the announcement section of the game's official Discord Server. Testers are required to give their email address and Discord account linked to their miHoYo account to qualify.