• The next major "Genshin Impact" update is just a few weeks away
  • The game is said to get a new item that would help solve the Original Resin system 
  • "Genshin Impact" is available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices

A fresh "Genshin Impact" leak claims that new material is coming to the game in the next patch that would provide players a new way to earn Resin for every couple of days.

The latest information about "Genshin Impact" comes from a tweet from credible industry insider ProjectCelestia. Apparently, miHoYo would introduce a new item in the game called Transient Resin, which would replenish 60 Original Resin. Players would be able to purchase this new item at the Homeworld Shop using a new in-game currency called Realm Currency, according to the leak.

Genshin Impact EP - Where All Ships Dock A golden vision for the future must reach far beyond the horizon, for an ocean of wealth is formed from many tiny streams. Photo: Genshin Impact Official You Tube Channel

This new currency is related to the earlier leak about a new system coming in "Genshin Impact" 1.5 called Housing System. The Transient Resin would be reportedly unlocked once the player achieves the Homeworld Level 6 rank. As for its cost, this new in-game item would be available for 1200 Realm Currency. 

So far, insiders have varying claims on the frequency at which each player can purchase this new item. Some say "Genshin Impact" players can only purchase Transient Resin once a week, while others claim that it is available every couple of days. Apparently, this new item comes with an expiration date, which is seven days from the time it was used.

It is also possible that players can obtain multiple Transient Resin and their expiration dates counted independently.  This is definitely good news for players should this leak turns out accurate. In "Genshin Impact," players collect Original Resin to collect rewards from the boss battle challenges,

Players could use these rewards to get materials essential to ascend characters, upgrade weapons and get hold of the latest artifacts. However, after the Original Resin has been used up, players need to either wait for it to regenerate slowly, replenish it by using Fragile Resin or use Primogems to purchase a limited amount for a day. With the Transient Resin, players can easily clear out all three bosses in one session without waiting for more Original Resin.

The latest information about the Transient Resin of "Genshin Impact" was reportedly taken from the game's closed beta test. Insiders claim that the details could still change. But, just like all leaks, players should temper their expectations and take this latest set of details with a pinch of salt.