• Jean, Rosaria, Amber and Mona are getting new outfits soon
  • These skins are reimagined versions of their original outfits
  • More details will be announced at a later date

Shortly after the reveal of two new skins, miHoYo announced that it will be adding even more outfits for existing characters in “Genshin Impact,” though they may not be as grand as many players expect.

Four characters will be getting alternative outfits based on their original designs, according to a recent announcement from the developers.

New costume designs for Jean, Amber, Rosaria and Mona were teased on Twitter, giving players a glimpse of what they can expect once these skins are actually released.

Unlike the other known skins in the game, these alternative outfits are themed very closely to their original versions. At first glance, the skins may not seem all that different from the base outfits, but on some characters, especially Jean and Rosaria, the changes aren’t as subtle.

Jean’s new outfit has her wearing a more formal-looking dress under her signature cloak, while Rosaria’s skin covers her up with proper attire that a Church of Favonius member would wear.

On the other hand, Amber and Mona’s skins don’t seem too different, but changes are still noticeable. Both of their outfits give them some more detail and visual variety, especially on their legs.

Keep in mind that while these designs are official, they are not yet final. Though concept art like this tends to get released as is in the end, it’s still possible that the devs might change a few details

In its announcement, miHoYo confirmed that it will be releasing these alternate outfits eventually, but the release date has not yet been revealed. The developers also didn’t mention if these skins will be paid for or not.

However, miHoYo confirmed that these outfits will not replace the original skins. It’s likely that players will be able to swap between outfits via the wardrobe section in the character screen, which, to this day, mostly just contains gliders and the few skins that are available in-game.

The announcement of these new outfits sheds some optimistic light for the players who have been looking for skins for their favorite characters. While the announcement only revealed four alternate outfits, it’s likely that miHoYo will release more in the future.

Jean's new summer outfit in Genshin Impact 1.6
Jean's new summer outfit in Genshin Impact 1.6 MiHoYo