• Elemental Resonance provides strong buffs to all party members in “Genshin Impact”
  • Elemental reaction comps take priority over Resonance effects
  • Some Resonance combos work very well even without elemental reaction damage

Elemental synergy in “Genshin Impact” goes beyond just picking the strongest elemental reaction combos in the game. Selecting at least two party members who use the same element grants the entire team an Elemental Resonance buff, which gives a strong passive effect relative to the element type.

These buffs are great for certain situations or for altering playstyle. They aren’t strong enough to take priority over elemental reaction compositions, but clever “Genshin Impact” players can make the most out of their units by finding the perfect unit combos that grant as many bonuses as possible.

Here’s a short overview on how Elemental Resonance works and some things to keep in mind when building teams in “Genshin Impact.

Elemental Resonance effects

Having matching elemental units in a team will trigger the following effects:

  • Fervent Flames (two Pyro): +25% ATK. Cryo status on party members expires 40% quicker.
  • High Voltage (two Electro): Electro elemental reactions generate Electro particles. Hydro status on party members expires 40% quicker.
  • Shattering Ice (two Cryo): CRIT Rate against Cryo-affected or Frozen enemies is increased by 15%. Electro status on party members expires 40% quicker.
  • Soothing Waters (two Hydro): Incoming healing increased by 30%. Pyro status on party members expires 40% quicker.
  • Impetuous Winds (two Anemo): Stamina consumption decreased by 15%. Movement speed increased by 10%. Skill CD reduced by 5%.
  • Enduring Rock (two Geo): Shield strength increased by 15%. Shielded party members gain 15% more damage and dealing Geo DMG reduces enemy Geo RES by 15% for 15s.
  • Protective Canopy (four unique elements): All resistances increased by 15%.

Noteworthy Resonance Combos

It’s important to stress that elemental reactions will take priority over Elemental Resonance to achieve max DPS, but there are Resonance combos that can let players deal high amounts of damage even without reactions.

Fervent Flames with Enduring Rock is great for a large flat ATK boost. Pyro characters with high damage outputs like Diluc and Hu Tao can deal very high DPS when shielded. Characters like Bennett and Zhongli can boost their damage even further thanks to their ability passives.

Shattering Ice and High Voltage is another great combo, especially for Electro characters with powerful Elemental Bursts like Beidou and Keqing.

This Resonance combo is also perfect for Physical damage team comps with a Cryo character like Eula as the main DPS unit. Her innate CRIT DMG% scaling benefits greatly from the added CRIT Rate, and Shattering Ice lets her build more CRIT DMG on her artifacts for even more damage per crit.

Eula dominates the battlefield with style and grace - Genshin
Eula dominates the battlefield with style and grace Genshin Impact