• Anemo Traveler is great for dealing CC and elemental damage
  • They are best used as either Sub-DPS or pure Support roles 
  • Any Energy Recharge or EM sword will work for Anemo Traveler

The main character of “Genshin Impact” is often overlooked by many players, who consider them as “basic” units that fall off later in the game. While it’s true that some of the other characters in the game perform better in certain aspects, it doesn’t mean that the Traveler is totally useless.

If built properly, Aether and Lumine can become extremely valuable units that can provide high utility and high burst damage potential. Their Anemo attunement in particular is more suited for the former, bringing plenty of crowd control to the table while providing deceptively high damage bonuses with Swirl effects and debuffs.

Anemo Traveler can be a very F2P-friendly character and an excellent support for parties that need CC and debuffs. Here’s a short overview of how to build Anemo Traveler and some tips on how to use them.

Anemo Traveler Roles and Playstyles

Anemo Traveler’s main job is to provide CC and create Swirl reactions. Their abilities grant them high AoE damage and CC potential, but their long cooldowns mean Anemo Travelers are best used for Sub-DPS or Support roles.

Genshin Impact - Anemo Traveler's Elemental Skill can be held down for stronger damage Anemo Traveler's Elemental Skill can be held down for stronger damage Photo: Genshin Impact

Their Elemental Burst is capable of absorbing other elements except for Geo and Dendro. This can provide a steady stream of elemental reactions that can be devastating when used on enemies that are against a wall. Players should always try to group enemies together with the Elemental Skill then launch them all away with an elementally-infused Burst.

Best Anemo Traveler Build

The Viridescent Venerer set is hands-down the best artifact set for Anemo Traveler because the set’s four-piece bonus stacks with the Traveler’s C6 bonus. Venerer’s 40% Anemo RES debuff will stack with C6 Traveler’s 20% Anemo RES debuff; both will also reduce enemies’ resistance to any Swirled element.

Players can try using Anemo DMG% in their artifacts if they want to squeeze as much damage as possible, but it might be better to stack Elemental Mastery instead. Support Travelers will want to build as much Energy Recharge as possible.

Anemo Travel Weapon Choices

Any Energy Recharge or EM sword will work best for Anemo Traveler since they won’t be dealing much damage with their basic attacks. The Favonius Sword is great for generating energy if the Traveler has enough CRIT Rate.

The Skyrider Sword is a great three-star option for support builds because of the Energy Recharge and the Movement/ATK speed buff whenever the Traveler’s Elemental Burst is used.