• The Dawn Winery is arguably the best spot to catch Crystalflies in
  • The Domain of Guyun and the cave in Mt. Tianheng are also great spots for farming cores
  • There are several other teleporter spots where players can easily find Crystalflies 

Collecting Crystal Cores in “Genshin Impact” can be a tedious task, especially for players who want to get large batches of them. These ingredients are used in a number of recipes, with Condensed Resin being the most notable and most common item that players use Crystal Cores on.

Crystal Cores can only be gathered from the elemental Crystalflies that can be found across Teyvat. These sentient bulbs of crystallized elemental energy tend to fly away when approached, making core collection a bit difficult if done improperly. Luckily, there are some spots on the world map where players can find plenty of Crystalflies hanging around, making core farming a little more manageable.

Here are some of the best places to farm Crystal Cores and some tips on collecting Crystalflies as efficiently as possible in “Genshin Impact.”

Dawn Winery, Mondstadt

Crystalflies can be found roaming around the vineyards of the Dawn Winery, floating near the fruits where they can be easily grabbed. However, there are also plenty of Crystalflies around the Statue of the Seven near the winery, making this one of the most lucrative Crystal Core spots in the game.

An overlook view of Monstadt, the City of Freedom, Genshin Impact
An overlook view of Monstadt, the City of Freedom, in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact

Domain of Guyun, Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue

There are eight Geo Crystalflies in front of the Domain of Guyun’s main entrance, but most players will only be able to reach about two or three of them before the rest of the flock flies away due to their close proximity to each other.

Mt. Tianheng, Liyue Harbor

To the northeast of the Mt. Tianheng teleporter is a small cave containing around six Geo Crystalflies. However, much like in the Domain of Guyun, catching all of the flies inside the cave can be tricky because of their proximity to one another. Players are advised to use elevation to their advantage, gliding from above while catching Crystalflies while on their way down.

Other Spots

There are some spots in the map where Crystalflies can be found near the immediate vicinity of a teleporter. These are:

  • Springvale – west road
  • Windrise – around the tree
  • Starglow Cavern – western teleporter (more flies along the creek by the path towards the Entombed City Outskirts)
  • Mingyun Domain – south of the entrance

Players can mark these spots for easier navigation once they find the Crystalfly spawn points. Alternatively, there are a number of interactive maps that are available online that can help players pinpoint the exact locations of resources and other items on the world map.