• Kuki Shinobu can be built as a DPS or support character 
  • She has decent damage scalings in both her basic attacks and abilities
  • Shinobu's abilities scale based on her max HP

The deputy leader of the Arataki gang is now available in “Genshin Impact’s” gacha banners, and she’s bringing with her a surprisingly flexible set of skills that lets her fit into a variety of team compositions.

Kuki Shinobu is the latest 4-star Electro unit who, on paper, fills more of a healer’s role. She expends her own HP to grant her teammates a bit of healing as well as a radial Electro damage field, and much of her elemental damage scales with her own health pool.

However, she has some decent scaling values on her normal attacks, and since Shinobu is an Electro character, she fits perfectly into some of “Genshin Impact’s” best physical damage team comps as a primary or secondary DPS unit.

Physical Shinobu DPS Build

As with all physical damage builds, how Shinobu is geared up will dictate her effectiveness in combat. Here are some recommended weapons and artifact loadouts for players to try out.

  • Weapons
    • Freedom-Sworn
    • Primordial Jade Cutter
    • Iron Sting/Prototype Rancour
  • Artifacts stats (4x Pale Flame set)
    • ATK%
    • CRIT Rate/DMG
    • Phys DMG%
    • HP%

Freedom-Sworn is amazing for auto-attack-reliant characters thanks to its 20% ATK bonus and 16% boost to normal, charged and plunge attacks. Shinobu’s elemental skill also triggers multiple times during its duration, which allows it to reliably stack Freedom-Sworn’s passive.

Her skill’s multi-hit nature also makes activating Pale Flame’s four-piece bonus very easy, resulting in a moderate duration’s worth of greatly increased physical damage against all targets.

Primordial Jade Cutter with HP% artifacts is better for a sub-DPS role, while Iron Sting and Rancour are decent choices for those who don’t have either of the two five-star swords.

Team Compositions

Physical DMG Shinobu works best in a Cryo/Electro team. All of the physical damage buffs gained from her loadout will be elevated even further by Superconduct, which greatly increases the physical damage taken by affected combatants.

Shinobu herself is more than enough to trigger the Electro part of Superconduct. Pair her with someone with persistent Cryo effects like Kaeya, Ganyu or Rosaria to take advantage of her duration-based elemental skill.

Top the team off with a healer or a damage buffer to maximize Shinobu’s DPS.

Shinobu heals friends and electrifies foes with her Electro powers
Shinobu heals friends and electrifies foes with her Electro powers HoYoverse