• Yelan excels at damaging enemies off-field with powerful Hydro bursts
  • Her damage scales with her max HP
  • Yelan works best with strong on-field characters like Hu Tao and Ayaka

Yelan is the newest five-star character in “Genshin Impact,” and she’s arguably one of the best Support/Sub-DPS Hydro characters in the game for certain team compositions.

With a powerful Hydro-based Elemental Burst, a unique, quick-moving Elemental Skill and all the flair that comes with a self-proclaimed member of Liyue’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, Yelan brings a lot of new tools to the table that not many other characters can do.

Here’s an overview of Yelan’s best builds in “Genshin Impact.”

Yelan’s Playstyle and Weapons

Yelan is an archer who uses Hydro-infused attacks to damage and debilitate enemies. Her bread-and-butter is her Elemental Burst, Depth-Clarion Dice. This ability spawns a Hydro dice that follows the active character and fires jets of water every time they attack.

Much of Yelan’s potential shines whenever Depth-Clarion Dice is active. However, she can still provide some good Hydro damage with her Elemental Skill, Lingering Lifeline. This ability can be used as a dash or as a movement skill. Any enemy she passes through with either mode will cause them to take damage once the effect ends.

Since most of Yelan’s damage will come from Depth-Clarion Dice, she is best paired with weapons that interact with Elemental Bursts like Elegy for the End and The Stringless.

Yelan and her Hydro dice in Genshin Impact
Yelan and her Hydro dice in Genshin Impact HoYoverse

Artifact Sets

A full Emblem of Severed Fate set can greatly increase both Depth-Clarion Dice’s damage and uptime thanks to the bonuses to Energy Recharge. However, players can also go for any mix with Heart of Depth, Tenacity of the Millelith and Noblesse Oblige.

For stats, prioritize CRIT stats, HP and Hydro DMG for maximum DPS.

Team Synergies

Like Xinqiu, Yelan works best with characters that benefit greatly from constant Hydro application. Pyro units like Hu Tao or Yoimiya can take advantage of the Vaporize interaction when Depth-Clarion Dice is active, while a Cryo character like Ayaka can permanently freeze targets with her own Elemental Burst and Cryo-infused attacks.

Yelan’s Hydro procs also work extremely well with Beidou’s Stormbreaker or Raiden Shogun’s entire skillset. Additionally, characters with Elemental RES shred like Kazuha or Zhongli can greatly benefit team comps that involve Yelan.