• Heizou will be the game's first male Catalyst user, leaks suggest
  • The character will use his fists when fighting, according to a leaker
  • Heizou is an Anemo character with ties to the Tenryou Commission 

A new “Genshin Impact” character from Inazuma has been revealed, and he might just be the first in his class in more ways than one.

HoYoverse revealed Shikanoin Heizou’s official splash art on Twitter recently, which showcases the young man with an Anemo vision strapped to his waist.

Heizou is a known detective of the Tenryou Commission, and he’s been mentioned a few times in-game through NPC dialogue and other interactables.

Heizou will not only be the latest addition to the small number of Anemo characters currently in the game, but rumors suggested that he may also be the first male character to use a Catalyst as a weapon. To make things more interesting, leaks said that Heizou might actually fight with his fists.

Data-mined information from known “Genshin Impact” leaker Dimbreath showed that Heizou’s attacks revolve around martial arts. According to the leaks, his Normal Attack is literally called “Fudou Style Martial Arts,” and it makes him perform a flurry of fisticuffs on normal hits and a sweeping kick with his Charged Attack.

His kit suggests Heizou will be an AoE DPS character. His Elemental Skill, Heartstopper Strike, can be charged to deal more damage. This skill has a stack-gaining mechanic that lets it do more damage.

Heizou’s Elemental Burst is Windmuster Kick. This ability deals upfront damage on-cast, and when it hits targets affected by other elements, WIndmuster Kick will prime them for an elemental damage explosion that will detonate after a short duration.

The rest of Heizou’s passive abilities lean more toward him being a quick-swap character. One of his passives grants bonus Elemental Mastery for his teammates, while his first Constellation grants him bonus attack speed and a stack for Heartstopper Strike when entering the field.

Dimbreath is a trusted leaker within the community, and most of the information they post often end up in the live version of the game. Still, fans should take these leaks with a grain of salt as nothing is set in stone until the developers confirm them.

Heizou is expected to release together with Patch 2.8, though this might take a while since Patch 2.7 has not yet been released.

The main street of Inazuma City in Genshin Impact
The main street of Inazuma City in Genshin Impact Genshin Impact