• MiHoYo has been aggressively persecuting users who have leaked "Genshin Impact" beta content
  • Most of the community's prominent leakers have decided to lay low
  • The developers tried to take down the Honey Hunter World website over copyright issues

Some of the most prominent leakers of the “Genshin Impact” community have deactivated their Twitter accounts amid developer miHoYo’s crusade to hunt down everyone who has been spreading unreleased content from the game’s beta versions.

Genshin Impact” leakers such as abc64 and Lumie have already signed off in fear of miHoYo’s retribution. Another leaker, Sukuna, also deactivated their account but not before dropping one last info bomb covering future “Genshin” content up until the next Lantern Rite Festival in 2022.

Dimbreath said that they may stop providing leaks in the future but has not confirmed anything yet. The Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord community also stopped posting leaks following miHoYo’s aggressive stance against leakers.

The Grand Narukami Shrine in Genshin Impact The Grand Narukami Shrine in Genshin Impact Photo: Genshin Impact

Recently, the Honey Hunter World website, which includes the “Genshin” Honey Impact wiki subdomain, was taken down by miHoYo under threat of legal action. Honey, one of the main operators of the website explained that the legal department of Shanghai miHoYo TianMing Technology filed an abuse case against Honey’s ISP, IONOS.

MiHoYo reported Honey Impact for alleged copyright infringement and Terms of Service violation, as the website contains confidential statistics and copyrighted materials. Honey countered that they are not under NDA and that ToS cannot be used as an argument in a DMCA claim.

The Honey Impact website was briefly taken down, but it went back online shortly after. Honey said that IONOS gave them extra time to migrate their entire domain to a DMCA-ignored hosting, essentially saving the database from total deletion.

The developers’ crusade against leakers has set a chilling precedent for anyone who wants to try sharing unreleased content without authorization. With even the most prominent figures in the community voluntarily stepping down in fear of retaliation, players can expect a slower flow of information as “Genshin Impact” steadily marches toward its next major update.

Players have been petitioning miHoYo to release roadmaps since early 2020, as such would help with expense planning for upcoming character and weapon banners. However, miHoYo’s reluctance to provide roadmaps led to most of the “Genshin Impact” community relying on leakers instead.

Despite miHoYo’s recent actions, some players are still releasing leaked information and media containing Patch 2.2’s upcoming content, including the release of Thoma and the last of Inazuma’s islands.