• “Genshin Impact” players must drain the flooded entryway to gain entrance to the Suigetsu Pool domain
  • Align each of the compass-like devices with the closest Electro Totem
  • Swim down the tunnel and find a cube to drain the rest of the water

The new Watatsumi Island area in “Genshin Impact” brings with it a new boss and plenty of treasure protected by monsters or puzzles. The flooded domain found at the northeast of the island’s center is one such area that needs a bit of finesse and clever thinking to access.

The Palace in a Pool domain, also known as the Suigetsu Pool, is “Genshin Impact’s” new unlockable dungeon-style domain that rewards players with a good amount of Mora, Primogems and materials upon completion. The problem with this domain, however, is that the entrance is flooded, and players may have trouble draining it all out.

As obscure as the puzzle may seem, it’s actually quite simple. Here’s how to unlock the new domain on Watatsumi Island.

How To Unlock Suigetsu Pool Domain

Upon arriving at the designated area, players will see a large, flooded hole with the domain entrance at the bottom. Around the hole are four compass-like Lightning Strike Probes near Electro totems as well as a statue that players can interact with.

Interact with the Electrogranum near the statue and stand between one of the Probe needles and its nearest totem. Once aligned with a totem, the needle will flash. Align all four needles to unlock all of the totems in the area.

Probes must be aligned with nearby Electro totems to drain the Suigetsu Pool entryway Probes must be aligned with nearby Electro totems to drain the Suigetsu Pool entryway Photo: Genshin Impact

Be careful as moving to the sides while the needles are attracted to the Electrogranum can break their alignment. Try to walk along the outer edge of the hole or use the Thundersphere in the middle.

Activating all of the totems with Electro will only partially drain the pool.

Once the pool is partially drained, dive down and swim toward the end of the open tunnel. Climb up the wall and onto the elevated chamber. Activate the three wall switches inside the chamber to unlock the closed gate in the room.

Afterward, enter the newly-opened room and climb up to the hole in the ceiling. Activate the cube in the chamber to drain the water completely.

This will let players unlock the new domain while also opening up even more puzzles. Players will also be able to gather the necessary Relay Stones to solve the puzzle above ground.