• "Genshin Impact" 1.6's last event is about to begin
  • The event will be focused on fighting ordinary monsters
  • A new set of events is expected to be announced in a coming livestream from the developers

The Kaboomball Event for “Genshin Impact” is nearly over and so is Patch 1.6’s lifespan, but there’s still one more event to be had before the curtains close on the summer patch and the next big update drops.

Recently, miHoYo released the details for the next event: the Never-Ending Battle. As with the previous events, this one will reward players with a generous amount of Primogems, Mora and other materials as long as the requisite challenges are completed.

Combat will be the primary focus of this event. “Genshin Impact” players will have to visit various areas around the Golden Apple Archipelago and activate challenge nodes to start the event.

Challenge nodes will have unique modifiers that can change how players approach each encounter. The goal is to score as many points as possible before the time limit expires. Rewards will scale depending on how many points players can accumulate.

Noelle's Elemental Burst significantly increases her attack range - Genshin Impact
Noelle's Elemental Burst significantly increases her attack range Genshin Impact

During each challenge, players will get to fill up a Momentum bar, which will provide various buffs and bonuses to active characters depending on how much the bar is filled. Defeating the Berserker enemies that spawn during each challenge will provide players with Momentum. Alternatively, players can hit Momentum Discs with Wind-Blessed Harpastum bombs to generate even more Momentum.

Momentum decays over time so players are advised to be on the top of their game and defeat enemies as quickly as possible.

This event is rather straightforward when compared to previous combat events like Hypostasic Symphony and Legend of the Vagabond Sword. Instead of bosses, players will only be fighting against slightly modified normal mobs that are commonly found on the Archipelago. Difficulty can be adjusted to increase the score multiplier, but there are no customizable modifiers or flares like in the previous events.

Future events are yet to be announced by miHoyo, but the devstream for the next major patch is scheduled for Friday. A major announcement related to Inazuma is expected based on the promotional image, and it’s likely that the stream will also cover the upcoming events that will occur during the next patch cycle.

Previous “Genshin Impact” leaks suggested that a gauntlet-type event will be included in the Inazuma update, which will culminate in the introduction of a new world boss that will drop Ayaka’s ascension materials.