• "Genshin Impact" 2.0 Special Program is scheduled for Friday
  • The said update will reportedly introduce the region of Inazuma
  • According to insiders, the feature is currently in the works

"Genshin Impact" players would soon be able to transfer their progress between various gaming platforms such as mobile, PC and console with the release of the multi-platform cross-save feature sometime this month.

The latest information about "Genshin Impact" came from industry insider Genshin Report. According to them, the cross-save feature of the hit gacha game is currently in the works. Fans could enjoy this much-awaited feature when miHoYo launches Update 2.0, the insider revealed.

With the cross-save feature, "Genshin Impact" players will be able to save and transfer their progress between mobile devices like iPhone and Android smartphones, PC and PlayStation gaming systems. Currently, this feature is only available on PC and mobile. 

Eula at the Angel's Share tavern in Genshin Impact Eula at the Angel's Share tavern in Genshin Impact Photo: Genshin Impact

In other words, if a user created an account on PS5 or PS4, they could only use that account on Sony's consoles. At present, there is no feature that allows gamers to transfer their Adventure Rank, characters and other account-related progress from PC to PlayStation or from mobile devices to PlayStation. It is also currently impossible for players to switch from mobile phone to console or from console to PC and continue the game where they left off. 

Interestingly, after the upcoming update, "Genshin Impact" players can use their Hoyolab account on any gaming platform where the game's port is available and continue their adventure. The insider also mentioned that this feature would be available on Nintendo Switch when "Genshin Impact" releases on the hybrid console. And like the cross-save feature among PC, mobile and PlayStation, players will be able to use their Hoyolab account to jump from Switch to other gaming platforms to continue their progress.

If the latest leak is accurate, then fans could expect the cross-save feature starting July 21, 2021, the rumored release date of the "Genshin Impact" 2.0 patch. The said update would reportedly introduce the new region of Inazuma and new characters. Chinese gaming studio miHoYo announced Tuesday it would hold a Special Program for Update 2.0 on July 9 at 8 a.m. EST.

"Genshin Impact" players who want to check the last update's Special Program can check out the video below.