• "Genshin Impact" 2.0 will reportedly roll out on July 21
  • It is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, iOS and Android devices
  • The said update is believed to showcase the Electro Traveler

Chinese gaming studio miHoyo has not yet revealed the contents of the "Genshin Impact" 2.0 patch, but leaks are already rife online about several characters rumored to debut in the game via future updates.

A collection of leaks from reliable insiders revealed the release schedules of rumored "Genshin Impact" characters like Raiden Shogun, Electro Traveler and Goru.

According to a leak on Baidu Teiba, translated by Wngsheng Funeral Parlor, Electro Traveler would debut in Update 2.0. If the leak is accurate, players will get a glimpse of Electro Traveler Friday during the "Genshin Impact" 2.0 Special Program.

Rumors have it that Electro Traveler will feature a unique kit, which would include an ability to regenerate lost energy. Industry insider Lumie first leaked details about the Raiden Shogun in June, which suggested that the leader will be the first character banner that miHoYo would feature in "Genshin Impact" 2.1. If this is the case, then fans could get their hands on the legendary character sometime in August.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact - State of Play Gameplay Trailer | PS4 Genshin Impact/YouTube Screenshot

Baal or Raiden Shogun is believed to be a 5-star character. In a tweet, Lumie shared Raiden Shogun or Baal's character model. It showcases the character donning a light purple robe, which flows past her arms and waist. As for Gorou, the character would reportedly debut in "Genshin Impact" 2.3.

Rumors have it that Gorou is a Geo element bow user. Based on his renders, the geo character will have a fox-like design with matching furry ears and tail. It is believed that Gorou supports the Inazuma resistance faction that opposes the Raiden Shogun. If Gorou will debut on Update 2.3, then fans can expect his arrival sometime between 2021 end or 2022 start.

While these details came from reliable industry insiders, they are not official. Fans should, therefore, temper their expectations about these characters since miHoYo can still make a lot of changes to their features, skill, abilities, elements and design until they officially release in the game.

"Genshin Impact" is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, iOS and Android devices.