• The Farewell To Snezhnaya character banner is now live in "Genshin Impact"
  • Tartaglia is the featured character of this banner
  • Alongside Tartaglia is the Sister of the Church of Favonius, Rosaria

Tartaglia or Childe is one of the strongest playable hydro characters in "Genshin Impact." Players who want to bring the best of this character would need the right build. Here are some of Tartaglia's character builds that could math players' game style. 

Tartaglia Hydro DPS Build

Tartaglia has the highest scaling Elemental Burst skill multiplier in "Genshin Impact," making him an extremely powerful damage dealer. Childe is unstoppable with high constellations but does not require them to be overly powerful. As a Hydro user, Tartaglia could be very helpful in applying various status effects. 

This includes Electro-Charged, Frozen and Vaporized. With a range of AoE attacks, the best build for Tartaglia in "Genshin Impact" 1.4 should center on him dealing with as much DMG and elemental as possible. Players could make him even more powerful if they use the right kind of weapon.

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact - State of Play Gameplay Trailer | PS4 Photo: Genshin Impact/YouTube Screenshot

Best Weapon

For this build, "Genshin Impact" players need to equip Skyward Harp or Rust for their weapon. The Skyward Harp is the ideal bow for Tartaglia. This weapon boosts his CRIT DMG and offers a chance to trigger a small AoE attack of up to 125% ATK DMG. If players could not get a hold of the Skyward Harp, they could go for the Rust bow, which is more common than the 5-star Skyward Harp. The Rust increases Tartaglia's Normal ATK DMG by up to 80%.

Best Artifact

The best Artifact for the Hydro DPS Tartaglia build is the Heart of Depth. With two of these artifacts equipped on Tartaglia, he gets a 15% Hydro DMG bonus and 30% boost on his Normal and Charged Attack DMG with four Heart of Depth. This artifact is pretty rare and if players would want to opt for another one, they could choose the Noblesse Oblige Artifacts. This one is also outstanding in helping Childe increase his Elemental Burst DMG.

Tartaglia is now available as the featured character of the Farewell to Snezhnaya banner. Along with him is the fan-favorite four-star character Rosaria. Players can try their luck pulling wishes for Childe from today until April 27. 

"Genshin Impact" is available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices.