• "Genshin Impact" is set to receive update 1.4 on March 17
  • The latest patch features a new event, character banners and new weapons
  • Venti is coming to "Genshin Impact" once again via Update 1.4

"Genshin Impact" is scheduled to launch its first-ever character banner rerun via Venti this week. While some fans are excited about the return of the first-ever five-star character released following the game's launch, there are major factors that they should consider to help them decide whether to pull wishes on the character or just let it pass.

Venti is one of the best crowd control characters in "Genshin Impact," making him worth pulling Wishes for. With his Elemental Burst, Venti has the ability to beat the whole domain single-handedly.  He is also useful for exploration since he has a decreased stamina consumption and can create wind currents while gliding.

However, for "Genshin Impact" players planning to get duplicate copies of Venti, they must consider this warning. According to Forbes, Venti has one of the worst C1s in the hit gacha title. His constellation does not start getting usable until C4 to C6. When players reach this point, they would have made between 5 and 7 pulls of the character, equivalent to thousands of Primogems.

Version 1.4 "Invitation of Windblume" Trailer | Genshin Impact Songs of joy in the winds are streaming, Beneath the flowers old hymns abide; Though you should seek the festivity's meaning, Forget not that which your hearts do hide. Photo: Genshin Impact YouTube Channel

Also, while Venti is an extremely flexible character, he could not function well as the main DPS. As a result, "Genshin Impact" players would need other characters in the party to deal damage. While it is true that Venti is unmatched when it comes to his crowd-control capabilities, miHoYo offers other characters who could do the same at a lesser cost, including the Anemo Traveler or Sucrose.

The "Genshin Impact" Venti Banner Rerun is scheduled to start on March 17 and run through April 6. During the event wish, the five-star featured character Venti will get a massive drop-rate boost. Other four-star characters like Noelle, Sucrose and Razor also get a huge drop-rate boost during the event.

The "Genshin Impact" Venti Banner rerun is a first and could also be a positive indication that more character reruns could happen soon. The banner will be available alongside the release of Update 1.4. Venti is the main character in the update's Windbloom Festival and closely tied to the event.