• Goerge Foreman did not have a good impression of Will Smith's portrayal of Muhammad Ali in the 2001 movie
  • Foreman responds to some questions from fans on social media
  • Foreman revealed what Ali told him during their first encounter

Boxing icon George Foreman recently got candid about his thoughts on Will Smith's portrayal of Muhammad Ali in the 2001 movie "Ali," revealing that he did not have a good impression of it.

Almost two decades ago, Columbia Pictures released the biographical sports drama movie "Ali" in which Smith took on the protagonist’s role. Smith won several awards and was lauded by many for his portrayal of the legendary boxer, but Foreman, who was one of Ali's most notable rivals, has a different opinion.

The 71-year-old boxing legend, who has been pretty active on social media, sometimes replies to some of the most intriguing questions from the fans on Twitter, and one recent query touched on the subject of Smith and his 2001 film.

On Wednesday, a fan who happened to be watching the movie "Ali" decided to ask Foreman via tweet, "Good afternoon Champ, watching Will Smith portray ALI for the first time. What was your impression of it?"

Foreman immediately responded and got straight to the point. According to the legend, Smith did a "horrible" job portraying Ali in the movie. He also sarcastically joked about his epic defeat both on-screen and in real life.

"Horrible; I had to lose to Ali, then get beat by Will Smith. Haha," Foreman wrote.

Boxing News and Views recently weighed in on the subject and suggested that Foreman's response crosses the borderline of sense of humor and insult.

On Oct. 30, 1974, Ali and Foreman faced each other inside the ring. Fans were not disappointed as the heavyweight collision ended up with Foreman losing via a vicious KO courtesy of Ali.

Still, Ali and Foreman are two names that are already carved in the list of greatest fighters of all time. Despite having significant differences in terms of personality, the once-bitter rivals still managed to become friends even outside the sport.

Foreman recently revealed that a few years before their epic match, he and Ali had an unforgettable first-time encounter in Miami. According to "Big George," Ali pulled off a briefcase stacked with "$100,000."

"First time meet Ali: he comes to the Gym, Miami; ( he exiled) Hey George Foreman; when you’re Champ this is what you’ll have; comes with a brief case. It’s 100k I think? Open up a telephone. (1970) pre cell ph. It didn’t work, still laughing," he revealed.

Aside from being an undisputed champ, Ali was also famous for playing an active role in several important humanitarian issues during his prime. Foreman, on the other hand, transformed himself from a heavy-hitting beast to a man of peace and a successful entrepreneur.

Muhammad Ali
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